Thursday, 14 January 2010

Rain, Rain Go away!

We've finished all our pages for April and we are waiting for May deadlines to start looming before we actually do anything about them! Clare is frantically calling in for her Miami trip that she is off on in 2 weeks. She is having a fully expensed 1 week trip to shoot four main fashion stories for all our summer issues! Getting paid to spend all day on the beach isn't half bad eh?

The Spring Summer season is in full swing and we are literally being inundated with press releases and new products on a hourly basis! Trying to keep up with all the hottests shoes, bags, collections and websites it sending us into overdrive!

High summer press days have also started. We hit Gap this week and feasted our eyes on their gorgeous ditzy floral summer collection. It was like stepping into a hippy infested festival! Sooo pretty! Loads of florals, printed Tee's and light faded denim. Perfect for lazy summer days. (If we ever get a summer! Booo!).

Our fashion cupboard is brimming over with florals, pastels and bold prints ready for all our high summer shoots so to get away from the snow and rain we've been popping on some sunnies and sauntering round the cupboard pretending we are on holiday.. hey, a girl can dream cant she?

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