Thursday, 7 January 2010

Full Steam Ahead

So we are back from the Xmas break and its full steam ahead in the office. All our April pages are due in, like yesterday and we are slowly having a fashion meltdown... No snow days for us! booo! Its so weird to be styling up bikini's and denim shorts when it is hardcore snowing outside. Brrrr!

Everyone in the office is on a New Year health kick. We've literally never seen so many dried fruits and nuts in one place! We give it approx 4 days before the cupcakes start making the rounds again. (For the record we are not participating in said health kick- Chocolate ahoy!)
Also the fashion weeks are slowly creeping up on us so ticket request are starting soon! eekk.. and that means press days are going to be starting soon again aswell! Arrghh! Its a vicious fashion circle, people!!! Retail therapy at lunch is definitely on the menu...

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