Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nokia X6 Launch Party

We hit the Nokia X6 Launch at Sketch last night- It was ace! Daisy Dares You preformed a set and boy- has that little lady have a voice on her.. Everyone was loving it- she is a right little rock chick! Paloma Faith also put in an appearance- she was looking cool in a vintage feathered number- and her hair was lush!

Jameela Jamil sauntered in about 8pm looking mega tall and beautiful along with Matt Horne loitering around the DJ box (we don't stalk him- promise) Other celeb spots were- Jade Jaggar looking uber chic and Ben Grimes looking all supermodelly (what else). But THE best spot of the night was none other than Miss Lindsay Lohan who spun a few tracks on the decks for all us mere mortals. The Starlet swept into the venue with a mammoth entourage of male models - Good on you Linds! (and good for our eyes! woo hoo)

The drinks menu consisted of beer, wine and lots of vodka- which we definitely made the most of! Canapes were mini cheese on toast and mini burgers... yum!! The Toilets at sketch are soooo cool! like egg pods that literally look as though they are from outer space and when you go to 'do your business' they play sound effects through the walls.. We had canned laughter as we went for a piddle.. embarrassing yet slightly amusing!!

There was a nokia photo booth there as well which knowing us you'll know we took full advantage of- we love a good photo, us! So all in all a good night out!

We are nursing major hangovers today.. Are we getting too old for nights out on a work night?... meh!

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