Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Rush...

Ok so we are actually having a melt down at work at the moment.. we should be excited about Christmas but instead we are sweating over our keyboards manically trying to hit our March and April page deadline. Its freezing outside and yet here we are thinking about whats gonna be hot to trot for April- Its madness! Floral hotpants and barely there crop tops are littered everywhere on our desks and we are sitting here wrapped up in scarfs.. Brrrr...

So apart from tearing our hair out- we've been hitting the shops this week spending all our Xmas vouchers from press days. We both got a very generous £100 voucher from River Island and tottered down to Oxford Street to spend that. They have soooo many nice bits in there are the moment so it took ages to choose.. This is what we got...

I got an amazing rock chick studded skirt and denim waistcoat, the voucher even stretched to some comfy heeled trainers, Winner! -Tash

Gotta love the Leopard so I got this little animal print blazer and this coloured spotty number aswell- You can never have too many blazers!- Clare



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