Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Do!

Its all winding down in the office now.. no more hyperventilating over late copy or missing sample returns. Its pretty chilled so we are basically just eating chocolate all day. We had our office Christmas party on Wednesday which was eventful to say the least. A company credit card behind the bar and a room full of over 40 squawking girls is a recipe for disaster! We joined forces with Men's Health magazine for their Christmas Do so you can imagine the carnage. All we remember is swigging red wine out the bottle wandering through Soho. Classy ladies!

The office was very quiet yesterday with everyone nursing hangovers! We've never seen so many MacDonald's wrappers in the bin in one day! So last night we were very kindly treated to a complimentary treatment at Toni & Guy to sooth our aching heads... So today again we are scoffing chocolates, But at least we have shiny hair.


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  1. I love your Blog!