Thursday, 3 February 2011

Barbara's Back!

Barbara Hulanicki is back with another collection for George at Asda. The former founder of cult '60s label, Biba, has just launched her second collection for the retailer with more of her signature retro looks. George’s amazing value resides again in this gorgeous collection – start at a mere £4. It’s a one stop shop for the very on trend 70’s look of floaty blouses, wide leg trousers and clashing prints. Check it out!


  1. Really like the top in the middle. Didn't know about these so thank you for showing us!


  2. Love it!

    Lola x

  3. Hi Tash and Claire,

    I'm writing from, an online shoe retailer, and would love to add you to our mailing list. If you could get in contact with an email address I could use to reach the both of you that would be great.