Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Gay Parieeeee

I was lucky enough to go to Paris last weekend for a travel feature. It was amazing! I stayed in Hotel Du Louvre which was right opposite the Louvre.. Its an amazing uber posh 4 star hotel that had champers in the room and chocolates on the pillow come bed time- Lush!
I was a proper tourist and saw all the sights via a boat trip and an open top bus! I went to the Moulin Rouge, KONG restaurant (as seen on SATC film) and hunted high and low for the best flea markets and shops. I ate far too much and drunk enough wine to last me a lifetime.. Ahhh I love Paris!


  1. We are glad that you enjoyed your stay at the Hôtel du Louvre and wish to see you back soon !

    Pierre Fauret, social media manager at the Hôtel du Louvre.

  2. Where is that leopard print coat from? I love it so much!x

  3. Thank you Pierre. I loved it- such a beautiful hotel!

    The coat is from New Look hun x