Thursday, 21 October 2010

Strike a pose!

A few months back myself and Clare did a photo-shoot for our page in the mag.. Its called Personal Stylist and we decided to shoot the clothes on ourselves. We wanted to show that anyone, whatever shape can wear a 'key' item of the season. We shot the tailored trouser, the fitted blazer, The LBD and the tulip skirt. We wanted to show that if your petite or curvy you can still work these looks! Here a couple of shots from the shoot.. Hope you like!

Tash x


  1. Love it! It looks so fresh, bet you had such a fun day. Love those lepord print boots Claire has got on in the last pic, are they Bertie? xx

  2. They are office chick..

    thanks ladies x

  3. Cute!!
    Btw ladies I have a major watch addiction, where are yours from (in the pics??) ;P

  4. So do we Ciara... the bigger the better! Tash's is from Michael Kors and mine's from Guess x