Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lush La La Land

So I've just got back from LA and suffering from serious Jet lag! I had an amazing time though and it was mega hot so I'm currently sporting a cheeky little tan.
We stayed in an amazing little retro hotel called The Avalon- it had amazing food, a cute pool and really cool rooms!
We shot two main fashion stories for the mag. The first was shot on a rooftop of a hotel in downtown LA, the second in the Palm Springs desert. We drove from LA for 3 hours to get to the Palm Springs Salt Flats which is literally a desert of salt which looks like snow. It was 118- so was extremely hot- too hot actually! Even for a sun worshiper like me! In Palm Springs we stayed at the 29 Palms Inn which had a cute country 'middle of no-where' feel to it.. not as luxurious as the first hotel but hey- was cute all the same.. even if i did see a tarantula! I didn't have much free time but did squeeze in a bit of sunbathing and some Mac makeup shopping time at the airport home. I'm back in the office now and snowed under as Fashion Week is racing up upon us!

Clare is sunning herself in Marbella then heading to NYC for a Main Fashion shoot and New York Fashion Week at the weekend.. so that's why we have been a bit slow with posts the last few weeks.. Business will be back to normal now- until Fashion Week rears its ugly head! Ahh its a hard life! ; )

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