Monday, 5 July 2010

The High Street Alexa

First it was the Chloe inspired satchel back in March and now this Mulberry Alexa-look piece of arm candy is causing a stir in fashionista's high street loving land. Yes, Peacocks have gone and done it again.

This £14 satchel already has a waiting list (a la the real deal) but it is at a much more purse friendly price. The Chloe-style bag sold out in a week and we've got a feeling that this one is going to sell even better and and sell out even faster. It is due to hit stores at the end of July so ladies- have this number on your speed dial and get yourself on that waiting list NOW! 0871 231 3530


  1. Primark do a similar one for £9...I bought one and it promptly broke within the first hour of using it :/

  2. I wonder if it feels as good as it looks? Good 'replica' though!