Friday, 4 June 2010

I want Candy!

Fashion photographer Massimo Gammacurta’s newest project is called “Sweet Fashion, Lick Your Way To Success,” where he’s borrowed some of the world’s most iconic luxury logos and made them into lolipops! Yum and soooo cool! Gammacurta released these during fashion week and made lollipops using the Chanel, Gucci, YSL and Louis Vuitton logos. The lollipops come in flavors such as watermelon, pomegranate, caramel, lilac, wild cherry and green apple. Talk about the ultimate luxury! Sucking your way into style (not in a rude way haha!) We have to get one!

1 comment:

  1. oh my.... yum yum indeed... Will there be a way of getting our hands on one? ( or will they be like gold dust?) Would kill for the chanel for me and the best birthday addition- the Louis vuitton one for my brother who is crazy on the stuff!!!xxxx
    fashion clocked katie.xxxx