Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fashion Weak..

London Fashion Week is starting tomorrow and we are super excited!! We are all set for heels and hangovers!

There are so many shows that we cant wait to feast our beady little eyes on- Topshop Unique, PPQ and Hannah Marshall are always ones to watch. (The catwalk & the front row!- Kate Moss was a top spot last season!)

As for parties we are going to solider our blistered little feet through and try and make it to as many as we can over the next 6 days. One of the hottest tickets in town this week is the Mulberry party hosted by our favourite fashionista Alexa Chung on Sunday night. Its a definite case of 'be there.. or be a complete fashion loser..' we've got our invites under lock and key in our desks.. we aren't missing that bad boy for anything- crippled feet or not!

We will keep you updated on our fashion week dramas.. now all we have to do is decide what to wear! Arrrghhhh


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