Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Easing us in gently..

Right, so we decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon as people are always asking us about our jobs, our opinions on their outfits, where we got our outfits, how we got our jobs and what goss we've got, so we're gonna tell you all!
We work for a very famous glossy magazine in the fashion department - so we are basically the fashion version of 'Ugly Betty' or 'Devil wears Prada' without the devil. Believe it or not the industry isn't as bad as they make out.- yes there are some complete psychos in the fashion world, but we're lucky that none of them ended up here.
A typical day for us consists of calling in clothes from high street and designer brands for shoots, doing our page, going on press days and generally trying on shoes, getting distracted by sequins and eating chocolate.
We are also often found at many a press party making the most of the free canapes and champers! One of these being last night- The launch of the new jewellery brand 'Gogo Philip' at Punk in London, the free wine flowed and boy are we are paying for it today.. aaarrgghh.
We work up to 4 months in advance so today we are working on our February pages, so we are feeling the Valentines loooove!
Today randomly we are both rocking I heart NY T-shirts but in different colours- we always do this! we literally have a sixth sense when it comes to getting dressed and always end up looking like blooming fashion twins. We are both rocking flat boots today but usually we are totally 'heel' girls but tend to moan endlessly whenever we wear them- although show us a girl that doesn't!
Plans for today are: Off to Full Circle press day and being taken for a manicure by H Samuel at Cow Shed... ahhh we love our jobs!

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